What We Do

The Latino Coalition of Kansas City (LCKC) (formerly COHO) is a collaborative group of Latino-focused organizations, in Kansas and Missouri, which work together to improve the quality of life for Latinos through education and advocacy.

Our History

COHO began to form after the Hispanic Needs Assessment in 1987.  The initial formation was led by key Hispanic-serving organizations to prioritize community needs.  Over the years it has evolved into more of a network of organizations focused on education and advocacy, and eventually there was the development of four committees: Civil Rights, Education, Health, and Housing and Economic Development.

Some of COHO’s historic flagship events are: Civil Rights Summits (10 years) and Latino Youth Health Career Fairs (4 years)

COHO’s Impact on some issues and policies has been:  the DREAM Act, immigration reform, education policy for KCMO School District, and community policing initiatives.

There were many attempts over the years to restructure the organization (501c4 – 501c3).  And after years of joking about COHO’s name, the organization rebranded and changed the name to the Latino Coalition of Kansas City (LCKC) in September of 2012.

Executive Board Members

Leo Prieto
Board President
  Truman Medical Center

Erika Noguera
Board Vice-President

Gabriela Flores
Board Treasurer
  Children's Mercy Hospitals
  and Clinics

Christina Hernandez
Board Secretary
  Guadalupe Centers, Inc.

Victor Lopez

Daniel Silva
  Greater Kansas City
  Chamber of Commerce
  Young Latino Professionals            
  of GKC